Issues on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I downloaded the Tests placed on Google Play for jME3. I try to run each example with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and all examples crash with the same error:

I don’t have idea what are happening.

@harton said:
I don't have idea what are happening.

it looks like you're not the only one

you should start by finding the source for those demos and looking at how floats and reals are used. may the source be with you!
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These tests are really old. The bug has been fixed long since then.

@erlend_sh who posted this app? was it Anton?

Could be nice to update it with the lastest version of the engine…most of those tests would run better.

The old one (from March 3rd) was made by Anton. The one linked, which is the most recent one, was made by Alex aka @larynx .

I’ll get in touch with him and ask for the login details. If it’s tied up with his account we might be better off submitting a new app and taking down the old ones.

Yeeh, old apps should always (if possible) be taken down and replaced with links to the new one.

Oks thank, I’ll try to download from here.

@erlend_sh it looks like he created a jmonkey developer account, I don’t know if he handled the fee, but that would definitely be a good usage of an hypothetical JME fund.

I can handle the publishing of the app when you get the credentials if you want.