Issues with notifications?

I never got a notification, on-site or by email, for this message:

@vinexgames did you first post your reply without any mentions before editing it to add the list of people?


did you get a notification from that (and this) post?

Sorry about the spam ^^

No, however I did edit the post because I misspelled something. (Spelling OCD kills)

I’ve been getting notifications from mentions, maybe it’s just caused by editing?

Edit: I have an idea.

@erlend_sh hello!

Now we see if you get that one.

FYI: I get notifications in the little inbox up there ^ but I haven’t gotten an e-mail from the forums since just after hurricane Sandy.

I just got an e-mail notification for this one, but no notification in the “little inbox up there”. Odd…

Edit: Oh wait, I enabled notifications for replies in here.

Also, @vinexgames let me know if you receive a notification for this post-edit mention.

I have emails turned off - however I normally get a notification of mentions and in this case I didn’t.

@erlend_sh I didn’t get that one. But if you hover over where it says “Howdy, username!” and go down to activity there’s a little box that says "Mentions: " and that’s how I just found this one. I guess it doesn’t automatically go to the notification box, just to the mentions thing.

Edit: might also be worth mentioning that I haven’t been getting email notifications of these mentions, though I have that enabled.

@vinexgames I got an e-mail notification for your latest mention here… Have you checked your spam filter? The change of address might have made the blocker suspicious. Search for and <erlend_sh> amongst all your emails, including spam.

I got the email for this one, but none of the others. I checked all of the email directories, and all of my other emails and I have none. It seems like it’s just really spastic and random.

I’m not getting any notifications by mail despite having everything configured to “notify”. Dunno whether I overlooked something obvious or whether there’s breakage.
Forum notifications for @toolforger mentions have been working as far as I can tell.
(Heh. Yes. The above mention triggered the forum notification right away.)

Oh hey, ^^ only seeing this now, i got non :slight_smile:

@erlend_sh I’m still not getting any notifications by mail. Just the in-forum @toolforger notifications work.

Rough timeline of events:
-email notifications working
-hurricane Sandy knocks out JME server power for some period of time
-power comes back up
-email notifications still working but site is slow
-DNS entries messed with and site got faster (could be unrelated though)
-2-3 hours after that, I have never seen another JME forum e-mail.

I check the forum 432 times a day or so… the lack of e-mail doesn’t overly concern me (in fact I’m more productive) but that’s the timeline of events as I saw them.

Can people who are seeing e-mails drop a note in here? I do… Have subscribed to this thread now to test.