It is that good?

Is jME really that good or is it better to just go to, say the Blender engine. I know they are different languages. I am just not too sure.

Take a look at some demos and screenshots and see for yourself.

BTW, how many companies, universities, and/or government agencies use Blender engine? :wink:

good point, but I am having a hard time installing and using jME and blender seems to be more, as you can say, user friendly.

I'd say jME is harder for the developer to use than the blender game system - but much more flexible.  If you set it up properly it shouldn't be any harder for the end user to run a jME app than a blender app though.  (Obviously - since you can run jME demos straight from the website!)

I have to say that jME is ridiculously user friendly.  I just started programming in January and am already creating some pretty cool 3d apps with the help of jME.  And I don't mean that I started jME in January, I mean that I didn't even know what a compiler was before that (mild exaggeration).  The point is that I am actually learning to program FROM jME.  I believe that the previous sentence should define it's ease of use :slight_smile:

As far as a basic install, I really don't think that more can be said than is on the tutorials on the wiki… this newbie has faith in you!

Did you expect different vote results from jME forum?  :smiley: