[ITA] ClassX is looking for Java Coders

ClassX is looking for Java Coders

take a look at www.classx.it, then

  • if you live close to our HQ → http://goo.gl/bqKwp
  • if you like what we do
  • if you feel you may be one of our team

    Contact us at info@classx.it



Do you have a page that shows in more detail what kind of positions you’re looking to hire for? Is this for your CoralCG project? And lastly, are you still working on your own jME2 fork, and not jME3?

This is all pretty essential information for any prospective applicant.


the CoralCG project is still based on jME2. There are plans to move it on jME3 during mid 2013.

The job is not only for CoralCG but for all our products range.

The reason of job-posting here is that this is a place where we can find people which is interested/talented in graphics with skills in java coding. This is the kind of collaboration we’re looking for. There may be the possibility for immediate hiring, depending on the characteristics of the candidate.