Iteag: Relic724's Indie Dev Suicide project *FAILED*

Hello all,

@Relic724 here. I’m just a guy from Goodwell, OK… and this is my really great video game idea. And to be honest, it’s too big for me to complete quickly. That’s okay, though. I’ve enjoyed the tar out of it so far, and anyone who wants to jump in on it, just let me know.

Here’s a quick outline of the silliness that I’m up to:
I started on August 15, 2013. I chose the hard path… a game that would have enough depth of gameplay to satisfy my own “what I look for in a game” So, the “base” of the game will be a standard RPG format in 3D where the game flow switches between:
a “Storyline” mode in which the story line and various pre-scripted events are played out inside of a Choose your own adventure styled storybook.
a “Navigation” mode where the player explores to find new storylines/continue current Storyline or to merely get from point A to point B in various ways.
and finally, a “Battle” mode where the player fights against monster in various ways.

Due to the inclusion of in various ways the design architecture for standardized communication between game modules must be in place, properly, before I can even finish a sample to show folks for Kickstarter. Thus, in Indie Dev Land this is known as “The Indie Dev Suicide Project”, or a project that takes more than a year to establish one’s self as a company.

Yeah… not smart. Fun, though. I’ve been playing the silly game in my head for the longest time, and so I’ve been working at code to try and get it out into the world for others to enjoy.


Which is kind of a funny address, considering that Charles Anderson is kind of like John Smith for common names.

Steam Greenlight:
haha, It’s been there for a while and will be there for a while yet. Steam will be where I first offer to release the game. I’ll be switching out the horri-bad video for something of higher quality when I actually have something to show.


-ToneGod Visual Editor plug-in for the JME SDK:
It’s what I’m having fun making… what can I say? I want to share a lot of these tools that I make with others, mainly because cool tools make developing games faster for everyone. I chose ToneGod’s GUI, mainly because it doesn’t have a visual editor, yet.

-Movie editor + timeline plug-in for the JME SDK: I want my game to have lots of cutscenes with the characters arguing at each other, so I want to be able to send timed events for animation calls, sounds, music, and movements… rather than pre render CG movies and just display them. I think @normen [edit: correction @nehon] had made a call for some help with this. I don’t know if it’s already been made by someone.

-Actually Prototype the game - lol, HERE!? seriously… here? Yeah… I have two modes: Artistic and Programming… and it usually takes me a day to completely switch over from one to the other. So, I’ll be using my Programming side to get things to a point where my Artistic side can take over without too much problem.

Current Status

Still working on the toolsets, still making videos, and still learning.
*No actual Game Progress, yet.


It’s me actually that gave a call. There was a cinematic editor project for GSoC last year. There has been some work done, but unfortunately the project has not reach the point where it’s really usable as a plugin for the SDK.

Mmh why no linux release if it’s made on JME?

@nehon oh! ok, cool then. well, I’ll be finishing up the TGVE and then jumping on that then.

@aegroto no Linux release? pshh, of course it’ll be playable on Linux. Or are you referring to my statement of offering it on Steam first? :laughing:

I mean that on steam only PC release is signed

Ah! Okay, then. I will have to make sure that it becomes available on Desura or some other d/l’able way then. I loves the Linux folks, too.

Any suggestion for the delivery system? or should I just build a server to distribute?

You just have to modify greenlight information and add linux support i think.

oh ok, yeah, I would be able to add Mac on then as well. Gotcha. Thanks for the heads up!

I’m gonna go back to puzzling out trying to build the github ver of the sdk, and then get that changed over at the greenlight page.

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Yes, I must declare failure due to bad health. The process involved several setbacks and literal destruction of resources. I am proud that was at least able to help out a little bit over here at the JME Forums. Here’s the video, and thank you everyone for letting me join in on the fun. The Ultimate Game Project Fail and some cool takeaways. - YouTube


Damn, sorry to hear about your health issues :frowning: All the best to you, I hope you can pull it through somehow. And a big thanks to you for all that you have done for this community!


Thank you for sharing and I am sorry to hear about the changes in your goals - I wish you the best of luck in whatever new goals you choose to pursue next. The new generation of gamers will try their best to continue on :slight_smile: thank you and best of luck

I also just need to say that my username on discord is John Smith :joy:

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