It's Official

I am now a master’s student at SMU. This combined with working full time and an upcoming baby should make me have TONS of free time. I should have my master’s of software engineering in… oh… 5 years at this rate, heheh.

Congratulations on embarking on such a momentous endeavor! I’m curious, are you doing this as a distance student or have you moved to Dallas or is there another SMU that I’m not familiar with? Any chance you’ll be working with the Guildhall people, I keep hearing about their games program and all the industry people who are involved, sounds very interesting.

I am going through their distance education program. Which means I am in the same class as the regular students, but get a DVD each week with the lectures on it.

I’m through the Engineering School, I don’t think the Guildhall is part of it. So I probably won’t do anything with them. I did look into Guildhall, but the didn’t have any masters programs.

Good luck :slight_smile:

We’ll miss you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn and I live literally 3 minutes from SMU! If you ever visit the campus let me know.

heh, SMU seems like a pretty popular place to live or go to school. Personally, I just work there ; )

Good luck Mojo.

Looks like you have your hands cut off for you. :’(

The more stress, the better, I always say! :stuck_out_tongue: