Its working! Nwo how do i chnage the input handler

I successfully loaded the troll model!

Still some cleanup to do but its very close now.

i want to get my model viewer so the yes and mouse rotate and translate the model not the camera.

It looks like a "NodeInputHandler" would do this.  is this right and if so how do i swap it in SimpleGame?



em…so u wanna rotate the camera when u rotate the model? but not the camera alone? like a fps?

well, if thats what u want. u can just create a camera node, and attach that node under ur model node.

then set mouselook to false.

not sure if i understood correctly though  :expressionless:

i've never used it myself but i think FirstPersonHandler should do the trick

Not quite.

You can loo kat this two ways… theya re equivalent:

(1)  I want to rotate and slide the root of the model and keep the camera in one place. 

(2) I want to rotate the camera around the model and slide it in and out.  Then I want to be ale to slide the "looked at" point around.

The key here is that the root of the model is the center of rotation unless I explicitly slide that center point.

Its a model viewer.  A pretty basic kind of interface, actually, when your doing tools as opposed to games.

You might take a look at GameControlManager…there is even a controller in there to do rotation for you and although there isn't a controller currently to "translate", there is a ThrottleController thats usage is somewhat self-explanatory. :wink:

Or you could write your own input handler…