j3m issues

is there a difference between loading this j3m

[java]Material toon : assets/MatDefs/MyToon1.j3md {

MaterialParameters {

colorMap : assets/Models/Oto/Oto.jpg

vWidths : 0.75 0.5 0.25 0.0

noiseMod : 0.75 0.5 0.25 0.05

vWidthFactor : 0.645 0.635 0.62 0.6

Material : 0.7529 0.6362 0.7145 1

Time : 10.0

Strength : 125.0

blend : 0.0





manually by code

[java]toon = new Material(assetManager, “assets/MatDefs/MyToon1.j3md”);

toon.setTexture(“colorMap”, oto);

toon.setVector4(“vWidths”, new Vector4f(.645f,.635f,.62f,.6f ));

toon.setVector4(“noiseMod”, new Vector4f(.75f,.5f,.25f,.05f));

toon.setVector4(“vWidthFactor”, new Vector4f(.75f,.5f,.25f,0.0f));

toon.setColor(“Material”, new ColorRGBA(.7529f,.6362f,.7145f, 1));

toon.setFloat(“Time”, 10);

toon.setFloat(“Strength”, 125);

toon.setFloat(“blend”, 0.0f);


because the former messes up the effect completely both in eclipse and jmp

Jmp also adds a blueish tint to the effect…I also got that blue tint in meshLab it may have something to do with “mesh lighting” as I was able to correct it by changing a render parameter called “Color” from “per vertex” to “none” or “per mesh” and get rid rid of the tint

At first glance, you inverted vWidth and vWidthFactor values.

do you know how much times I rolled my eye over that and completely missed that…sweet holy crap… thanks man

but the blue tint persists in scene viewer …I don’t get it in eclipse and I’m pretty sure I wont get it if I ran the code from jmp, as said earlier I get the tinting in meshlab but correct it in their ui by choosing per mesh or none for color

per vertex


per face


per mesh


bestv “none”




also the material editor…how to safely edit imported or reopened material my .j3m wasn’t originally written in jmp so the ui is not automatically populated with the settings and if you touch the ui settings at all the imported j3m gets completely over-written rather than edited all unedited values disappear is that normal … because I always find myself copying the code to eclipse for fear that it disappears from jmp