j3m supports twoside?

I Don’t know if j3m supports TwoSide, See my problem:

Comparisons ::


JMonkey alpha 2

Help me plzzz!!!

Dude, what the fuck, dont scream! You already asked that question! Also “plzzz” is something that repels people more than it attracts them. :roll:

yeah man, I already asked this question, but you didn’t answer.

-.- And now you made sure I wont answer any of your questions anymore… Ungrateful ****…

Ok, since you apologized via PM and since I am home now and can check back on how this is done (I cant do it all off the top of my head…) I can give you a solution to your problem:

After loading the material, you can set the “FaceCullMode” of the material like this:




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