J3o Files

Is it possible to set up certain conditions for a controller you created such as animations and effects and export it to a j3o file for later use? so when you loaded the j3o it would be something such as Controller c = assetManager.load(“w.e”);

Controls are saved along the model in j3o, but you cannot save only the control if it’s what you’re asking

hmm so either i would have to save the custom controls with a dummy model or i have to save them as a jme file correct?

and how would i export the dummy character in j3o i had thought the j3o files to be empty files whose use could be defined when loaded would it still be possible to do something such as Controller c = assetManager.load(“w.e”); or would it be better if i chose the dummy model to first load the model then clone its controller

why not save your model with the control? why a dummy model?

No it’s not possible to load just a control with the asset manager

Yes you can. Any savable can be serialized with the serialization system.

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as a j3o or jme can you elaborate a bit on this? and how would i perform the export

BinaryExporter.getInstance().save(savable, file);