j3o mass conversion

Hi all !

I see how to convert into jMonkeyPlatform a selected Ogre object (mesh.xml + material) to a j3o file.

But when you have a lot of meshes to convert (100, 1000, more…), what’s the solution ?

I can’t imagine doing this manipulation by myself more than a dozen… :’)

So is it possible to batch this ? Do you have a command line or a java code to convert files ?


I guess jMP should be able to handle conversion when multiple files are selected?

No… when mutiples files are selected, the action is disabled in the contextual menu. :confused:

This could be an idea to resolve my problem, but… even if the conversion become possible on a multiple selection, it’s not really easy to select hundreds of files. It’s better to right-click only once to convert, but still lot of click to select (mass selection with ctrl+shift+clic works but folder also contains material and bmp files).

You can add them all to one new scene. Just open a scene, select all meshes and press “add to scenecompopser”