Janitor Test

Hi all,

I have successfully created a janitor test ( I call it this because the character is a janitor :slight_smile: ).

Basically, the janitor has 3 levels of awarness, Cleaning, Alert, Scared.

Cleaning is when he doesn’t care and he is just cleaning the ground happily. Alert is when you start looking at him really close. He starts jittering and trying to move away. Scared is when you fire the gun. At this point, he drops the broom stick and makes a run for it.

If you catch up to him, you can calm him down to alert status. And if you give him some beer, he’l start cleaning again!

Il try and post some screenies when I have made a better model than a box for the broom and a box for the janitor :wink:

All that is done using the FSM and the Event Messaging System.