(January 2018) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I managed to upload my stuff to steam, it is easier now for organize alpha testing :slight_smile:
Here a view of steams beta shop view

and of course I can download and run it, did it with JavaFx in the end :slight_smile:

Happy new year everybody.


Nice! May I ask how difficult it is to get your game onto Steam (as in, is it really just pay 100$ and don’t lie on the store page and you’re in)?

Was quite some work. First I needed a self containing game, I used JavaFX as it has nice gradle support. Then I had to setup my developer steam account (bank info, Passport, blablabla). Took several days until it was active. Then I could build a steam image with the steam SDK and upload it.
But then it did request a bunch of capsule images and icons, I currently uploaded basically placeholders which I will have to update once in a while :slight_smile: and if you have this you can push it to steam (you will have a beta view of your shop view, very nice).
I now plan to integrate steams API and implement achievements and prepare for first alpha testing with some colleagues of mine.


I made more progress… basic block-object to block-object collisions are sort of working:

And by “sort of”, I mean kind of at least as well as they did in my experiments years ago but now they are much more debuggable overall and in a much better environment.

Still a ways to go but progress is progress.

Edit: and note that this is still part of the stuff I will open source someday. No Mythruna-specific parts in the making of this screen shot.


For a seminar last year, I wrote a stream surface renderer using Fragment Lists for correct pixel-wise alpha blending.
I was surprised that it actually runs with around 20FPS in full HD.

It supports various kinds of alpha computations, shading (different color for back and front face), hatching and silhouettes.




more transparency to reveal the inner structure:


This is incredible! What datasets do you work with to get such constructs?

I implemented the paper “IRIS: Illustrative rendering for integral surfaces” and took some more ideas from “Opacity optimization for integral surfaces”.
I asked the authors and they provided me the original datasets from the papers.


The first one is a nuke if I ever saw one.

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Town portal.
Doorpost is a placeholder made with wall’s material, but you can see the idea. We will probably keep the shape and particles.


Coming soon, to a 3.2 SDK near you - built in GLSL syntax highlighting and possibly code completion

Anyone has any good icons for .frag and .vert files I could use?


Nice!. But please don’t forget the extension for the glsllib. I always use the netbeans glsl syntax highlighter for this (GLSL Syntax Highlighter - NetBeans Plugin detail)

That’s the plugin I was using too, but it’s under GPL, so we can’t just include it into the sdk. That plugin’s repo is also where I go when I need some inspiration. My version will also include jme builtin variables.
Never actually used glsllibs, syntax is the same, right? Just the extension changes?

IntelliJ has the same plugin as well.



Eclipse has a plugin for glsl as well! Not that it’s of any relevance to this discussion, but since you started it…

Now I suppose someone can find a glsl plugin for notepad++ and codeblocks and blueJ and whatever else is a java ide. :slight_smile:


Yah… my programmer’s editor has it. Though that’s not saying much since it takes about 2 minutes to setup syntax highlighting for any format you want, including custom text files or whatever.


Notepad++ most likely has it built-in, but does vim support it? :smiley:
Anyway the goal is to provide something like Code Completion and maybe something like “in place javadoc” for stuff like m_AlphaDiscardThreshold (because that’s what no generic glsl highlighter can do)

Did a performence test in my car game.


How about a jaime head silhouette, with different color for .frag and .vert?

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.vert = a thin white triangle with three little red squares at the points A, B, C, on black background
.frag = a grid of yellow squares, outlined black, forming a triangle, 1 of the squares is red, black background

Good idea?
I can make these with Gimp or Inkscape for you, if you like the idea…

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