Jar export using eclipse

hello community!!

Ok, so I have a working Galaga/Space Invaders knockoff game but I've only managed to get it to work using the run command in Eclipse and i would like to compile it and jME into a single jar.  Actually I just want to send my game to a friend of mine so a single jar isn't all that important it just has to work!  As much as i have looked I just can't find a tutorial of any kind for doing this.  I created a jar using Eclipse's export option but when i attempt to run it, nothing happens, no error or anything but javaw.exe shows up under system processes.


So anyway if someone else has stumbled on a tutorial that would help me, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me in the right direction. (I honestly don't even know if eclipse will even do the job…)

the wiki has a section about packaging and deploying.


Even better - follow this webstart deployment guide in the WiKi and share the game with us also, not only your friend…  :smiley:

sweet sweet

thanks guys:)