JAR Sign errors - Eclipse/Ant


I'm quite new to jME, only used it for a few days, but it certainly looks great! I have so far only written a few simple applications, but would like to be able to access them through jnlp.

Here comes my problem:

Using Eclipse 3.3m4, JDK1.6 and jME0.11, I have compiled all the jme jars with Ant through Eclipse. Now I want to sign them using Ant and build.xml. The problem is I get an error about wrong password:

[signjar] jarsigner error: java.lang.RuntimeException: keystore load: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect

When I see into the build.xml-file, password is set to "…":

<!--    defaults for build.properties:-->
    <property name="keyStore" value="jmeKeyStore"/>
    <property name="storepass" value="..."/>
    <property name="ftpuser" value="..."/>
    <property name="ftppassword" value="..."/>
    <property name="ftphost" value="ftp.jmonkeyengine.com"/>
    <!--    end of defaults -->

I get the same error trying to compile on the commandline using jarsigner with this keyStore and password.
Should I supply some password of my own, or what?


it's not meant for anyone other than the jME project owners to use the jME keystore.  If you would like to resign the jars you'll need to make your own keystore.

Oh, I see. Just saw it as easy way to compile the native libraries(lwjgl), but I better take the hard way then:)