Jarsigner / Signing result in mutliple RSA/SF files

Hi, when i sign my Application with the jarsigner (Sign by a specific key) in the Propertys Tab from my Project, it results in multiple .RSA and .SF Files. (located in the code.jar META-INF)

That causes dublicate ressources entry error’s lateron when i want to start the Application. Also i cant just remove the dublicate files out of my code.jar, because by that i alter the metainformations and the signed file is ofcourse modified, so i am stuck :frowning:

Why do i get multiple RSA / SF Files Created in my Meta-Inf? What can i do?

code.jar? So you’re talking about applets? The lwjgl cert is used for those already.

Okay so i dont have to sign Applet’s, thats cool.

But why the hack is the jarsigner flooding my code.jar with cert’s then? (i dont want to sound harsh, i just totally dont get the point)
Am i supposed to make a diffrent Build-Config for deploying WebStart/Applet?

If you use the webstart feature thats a different thing, the corresponding applet deployment too. Thats basically the “normal” NetBeans way of doing an applet. If you mix that with the lwjgl applet feature you might get issues. But I can’t really tell from your description what you’re actually doing.