Java applet deprecation (NPAPI final countdown)

Did you ever consider a service like AppStream? For companies that rely heavily on the upsides of applets, game streaming sounds like a promising platform agnostic alternative. I don’t speak from hands-on experience though.

@erlend_sh Thanxs for the suggestion.
We did tryout demo’s from a simular product from NVIDIA last year, but latency was a big issue back then. But I did not know Amazon also has a streaming option too, I will give it a try, the idea is very powerfull, lets see if its “ready”.

yeah, I can see that. Here is a convenience link to the official announcement of “where that whole thing is at”, by NVIDIA.

What was wrong with ThreeJS in particular? Sorry for the off topic.

I find that switching to Javascript because of debatable security changes in Java is very painful and I still get a very framerate when displaying large meshes with WebGL on middle level laptops bought in 2009 especially with MSIE. The web browser often hangs when the transfer lasts too long and sometimes it simply crashes (updating the driver helped a bit).

I hate the governments and the corporations that put themselves into some fortresses and put us into a situation that leads to choose the best drill to make a few discrete holes in them, I think about maximusgrey’s comments.