Java application made reference to "0x823179827" menory can't be "read"!

14/05/2009 13:09:57 start

INFO: Application ending.

Java Result: -1073741819

i get the above output and a windows error mensage like the topic title everytime i close the application, even tough it seens to close prorpialy!

anyone have seen this before and know why this might be happening? I would think that something is not being propprialy cleaned, but i have no idea on what!

the whole code is in my signature (Guede Tower Defense)

Sometimes such strange errors happen when I launch a Java application and webmsnmessenger is running at the same time. I rarely use Windows but I noticed this problem. I had an error of access violation as far as I know. Don't worry, I did not reproduce this problem when I closed some Microsoft applications :wink: