Java automatically executed on the gpu via rootbeer

Hiho, just found rootbeer which is something like a java2cuda compiler.

Wouldn’t it be nice to outsource stuff to the gpu? Yes, matrix I look at you :smiley:

Maybe(!) a todo for version 2. At the moment no garabage-collection and other

dynamic stuff like reflection available.

Have a look:

Just for info. Keep on rocking,


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We were working with Aparapi ( a bit which is a similar thing by AMD based on OpenCL which is compatible to nividia cards now too… The big problem is you need tasks where the massive overhead in getting the data to the GPU is justified by lots of computations on that data… We didn’t really see any tasks too suitable for this :confused:

Yeah,…just found it and had to share it with the monkeys :smiley: Actually I have no clue about opencl and such. But afaik there is something like opencl to gl interoperability which I always found very very interesting. No need for the gpu to get input from the cpu :smiley: And if you could even write this in java… :smiley: Not sure where exactly to use it but there are for sure use-cases.

Nevertheless I think to integrate something like this is not important for now…

Yeah… maybe when we have other kinds of executors in the engine by default too :slight_smile: The sharing would indeed make sense for stuff like animation etc. where you need to compute the new locations of the vertices.