Java books for beginners?

I have Java for Dummies 2nd Ed. but I was wondering: are there books you guys would suggest when learning Java for the purpose of using jMonkeyEngine?

My goal here is to just get a general idea of what book is worth using. Think “newbie, but not stupid” when replying because I’m trying to just get up and going with it. Not like five chapters talking about stuff that’s in every other book on any other language. Just something to get into it and learn the basic structures of code and commands and what they do that sort of thing.

I’ve never worked with Java, but I’ve had this Java for Dummies 2nd Edition for a few years and I don’t know if it is still relevant to this.

Yes I guess it is, the basic programming stuff is the same and you get good hints on how to use java for jME3 in the wiki/manual, so with the knowledge from that book you should get pretty far.

One book that I really liked was Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne. It’s not an introductory to game programming, just general programming in Java (no GUI). But still, it’s one of my favorites :slight_smile:

i am currently attempting to teach myself java using jME3 and a book called Head First Java by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates. this book takes the approach of using Metacognition as a learning tool. it is considered “A Brain-Friendly Guide”.

its slow going, but seems to be working for me.

I think is great. I used it when I learned java over a year ago.

For anyone capable of reading German this book is one fo the best:

EmpirePhoenix said:
For anyone capable of reading German this book is one fo the best:

Or if you have Google Chrome :D
nomnom said:
Or if you have Google Chrome :D

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To have a good laugh you mean ;)

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Ok Paul and Erlend pointed out that you were referring to google translation. I didn’t get it.

So my remark is true… but irrelevant. :smiley:

Heh, well to make you feel not too stupid I will say it then: “Apple would never put this in one of their products because its just not good enough yet” :wink:

dahh…You’re mac fan boy! (thanks ;))

I just have found very good resource of examples for beginners. VERY VERY COOOL!!!