Java Classic Role Playing Game framework and game (LGPLv3 + CC-BY & CC-SA)

I tested it here and it run, even though I had to strip all details down, because of my crappy card, but WORKED. One drawback I felt was that the model loading is happening during gameplay and it's reallyyyy slow. Maybe changing the models to the .jme binary format will solve it.

When I was wailking towards the hill, sometimes everything stoped because it had to load another cave model or something.

Yeah, loading is a bit frustrating sometimes in the game! :smiley: But model loading is not necessarily happening while walking! JCRPG includes a model pooling system, models are reused. The slower is when the world engine (not the 3d one) generates the abstract terrain. It seems that 3D is loading but its not the case. :slight_smile: Hope I can optimize it more later.

New test release out!

"- UI base elements were added: load icon, compass, time meter, world map, HUD panel.

svn_20071221 is out!


“Base geographies (Mountain, Plain, Forest) were refactored to point height calculated tile generation. Cave and River were rewritten to be compatible with the modififed base geographies. Farview mode was refactored and beautified based on new geographies. New configuration parameter called RENDER_DISTANCE_FARVIEW was added. World generation was extended with rivers and caves. The demo game is now running in the generated world.” Download, test and report!

jClassicRPG - Developer Blog: The "Many Things plus Farview" release

Congrats.  Not only is it looking great, but as something you are doing in your spare time I really admire your dedication to the project.  A lot of such projects seem to quickly run out of steam.

Thanx! The motivation is to fill the vacuum that was left by game industry turning towards the action/gfx element of RPGs. I'm a big fan of RPGs, and I think it's a must to revive those legendary days in a new way. :slight_smile: Hope I'll have the energy to reach a level where it's so crystallized that other developers can join the thing with productive work. The concept is just too fluid in my mind currently, but it's definitely getting clearer while I'm further establishing the basis of the complex engine. Level by level, day by day. First the geographies, second the climate/flora then the world generation with some reconsideration of the geos again… and we are nearing wildlife…and the final station the humanoid civilizations. :slight_smile:

3rd demo video available at youtube:

Impressive! Good work!

marqx said:

Impressive! Good work!

Thanks! :) Working on moving units/wildlife after reaching the first usable and all encompassing version of geo generation (although quite simple algorithms but working)... here are some gorillas that will move around :) :

Scary monkeys!!!  :-o

darkfrog said:

Scary monkeys!!!  :-o

And here they go walking:

It would be much better if you added "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" as background music. :wink:

svn_20080203 is out!

"- Ecology System and ecology generation with 3 type of animal packs (gorilla, wolf, warthog) was added
- Encounters' system draft version was implemented
- World geography generation was boosted with Cave and River addition
- Animated /rigged model loading (Gorilla)
- Text box log and choice box window added to UI elements
- World map colorization was extended
- 'UI ruining shadows' bug fixed."

jClassicRPG - Developer Blog: The "Winter Killer" release is out

new release feb 24 out a while ago:


“Main menu added with working Save/Load/New Game options. Sounds and in game music added along with the new Audio System. Character generation screens with many skills and classes along with currently 4 new races were added. Party setup for new games is working now. On screen party portraits view to visualize your party was added. A set of portraits was added for use with the character generation.”

Looking greater with each new update! Keep up the good work!  :slight_smile:

Nice work timong, it runs nice and smoothly.

i didnt see any gorilla's though - is this a setup error on my behalf

Thanks for testing! :slight_smile: What gfx card are you testing with?

Gorillas are harder to spot, yes. Less in numbers less chance to encounter them.

Have a NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT

I saw veg and trees, saw the base terrain, was asked to press Y for battle, but didnt see any monsters ??

the log files didnt shed any light, was expecting maybe a loading error ??

If standing at a place where animals cannot be placed on your level, they don't appear. This will be developed further later. :slight_smile:

The “Contributionary” release is out svn_20080315:

“UI graphics were completely redesigned including main menu,

character creation widgets, on screen display.

Some new character portraits were added.

Code optimization for 3D and loading performance were done.

World and Ecology generation configuration through XML file

were developed. Some mushrooms and other vegetation appended

to flora and fox re-added to possibly met fauna…

Local map was implemented and added replacing mini world map on the HUD.

Sky-sphere lighting bug was fixed along with other minor bugs.

Turning around camera rotation was expanded with view position

changing to add a better view of the faced things around.”