Java Error On Running Engine

Hey Guys

I have some sort of problem with loading the jmonkey application though i’m running it on Galaxy i9003 and it has no problem with opengl.The Error is this


E/dalvikvm(12657):Could not find class ‘[Ljava.awt.image.BufferedImage;’, referenced from method com.jme3.system.AppSettings.getIcons

W/dalvikvm(12657):VFY:unable to resolve check-cast 1594([Ljava/awt/image/BufferedImage;) in Lcom/jme3/system/AppSettings;


other parts don’t contain any errors.

it blowing my mind.

plz help. plz.


Probably because AppSettings uses the BufferedImage class which does not exist on Android.

I have fixed it in SVN

What Should I Do Now??

Depends on where you got your build. If you got it from the nightly builds just wait until it gets rebuilt, otherwise you might have to update jMonkeyPlatform when the libraries get rebuilt

There is a version for today, should i get that??