Java event queue issue with multiple JME applications


I've run two RenParticleEditor applications together and noticed that this causes random lockups of the java event queue for one or both of them - input and paint events queue up like theres some deadlock happening.

To reproduce launch two JME/Swing applications.

  1. Activate one of them
  2. Start dragging mouse and clicking buttons and swing controls rapidly
  3. Activate other application and repeat from step 2

    I've also tried it with the JMESwingTest application.

    I'm using JDK 1.6.0 build 14 under Gentoo linux x86 & KDE 4.2.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


do you use JME2 or JME3? I would also be interessted to use multiple Applications in swing environment. However, I think people told me that multiple instances are no good ideo. If you solved the problem for JME3, please, let me know.




RenParticleEditor is jME2. In fact jME2 supports only one jME application per JVM due to the use of many static classes, this limitation was removed with jME3.

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