java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:

The method setOverridingLocation(URL) is undefined for the type TextureKey

help me please… with this error… i dont know waht to do

This is a method that is no longer in the latest version of jME. Use the resource locator system instead (there should be several posts about that on the forum).

how is it possible to get this error? i mean, how did you start it without compiling it first?

It has to do with Eclipse and JDT…the whole progressive build functionality can cause this to happen.  I'm sure in the code it actually shows the error, but he probably didn't notice it. :wink:

Eclipse will give you a warning in that case (unless you turn it off).

Who said gu3des uses Eclipse though? Maybe he's compiling from an ANT script or something…

Edumacated guess. :wink:

I only know cause I have so many errors in my code all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

…I only know because of all my co-workers with bugs in their code.  Of course everyone knows my code NEVER has errors in it.  My nickname is Paragon of Code.


I thought you just started a new project everytime you make a typo… or at least a rewrite of a project… or a space MMO :wink: Still a better response than giving upchecking your RSS feeds like I tend to do sometimes. :wink: