java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java


I'm new here, i would like to start with jMonkey. I used differend API before, but jmonkey is much faster…

Well, i have no problems with CSV on my private computer, but i want to install JME on my work machine.

I can not download CSV, because i'm behide the firewall, that's why i trying to do this manually.

I'm using Eclipse and i started my project. There is no errors here.

But when i try to compile and run the project, i got this message:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java

Exception in thread "main"

Yes, propably it's something stupid but i can not find the reason.

Maybe some of You could help me?

Thanks in advance and thank you for jMonkey.

You have probably instructed eclipse to run "java YourMainClass", and eclipse automatically adds the java command on it's own.

So as a result eclipse is trying to run "java java YourMainClass" instead of "java YourMainClass" - hence the JVM complains about a missing class named java.

To sum it up: just go wherever you have told eclipse what class to run, and remove the "java" from there.

Oh yes, thats truth. Thank You:)