Java Magazine

Just saw jMonkeyEngine getting a mention in this months Java Magazine - congrats :slight_smile: (I think you need to sign up to read it though)

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Throw in a print screen then XD

Yeah, a screenshot would be good :slight_smile:

guys, registration for reading it is for free,…

Just to read a mention?
Not worth the trouble.

to lazy to register :wink:

Especially since they want email address etc which means they are going to spam me.

If they have so little confidence in their product that I have to sign up before I can even see it then I’m hardly inspired :slight_smile:

never get spammed again:

Useful in general (and there are more throwaway mail services), but still not worth just for picking up a mention.

It goes beyond personal “meh” actually.
a) A journal behind a registration wall has reduced reach. It’s not found by Google, most potential readers will turn away when they reach the wall; it will reach only registered readers.
b) You can’t attest to JME’s recognition by quoting the link. It’s just a door opener, i.e. elevator pitch material, so a registration wall makes the link unsuitable for that purpose.

The most interesting part of the magazine is the part about lambda’s. Nothing new, but nice to see such a good example…