Java noise library

This might not be jme3 related, but what is a better place to ask than between game devs? :wink:

Are there any fast noise libraries for java? I’ve seen libnoise port, but it is virtually impossibile to use for real-time, since delays are ~1 minute.

Like, Perlin noise? What is “fast”?

My IsoSurface stuff has a PerlinNoise class:

How much noise are you generating where the delays are a minute? Using a noise function like this: should be fast enough if you are generating a reasonable amount. Even with 12 octaves of that noise used in a fractal I have seen usable framerates. Worst case scenario is you end up running the noise generation in a separate thread. If you are truly generating huge amounts of noise (24+ octaves of noise for a 512x512 heightmap) then I recommend putting the calculations on the GPU.

This delay was mostly because of libnoises slow speed. I’m generating few types of noise each about 8 octaves and mixing them together. 512x512 is minimum