"Java not found" with the latest master [solved]

With the latest SDK from git master I get a “java not found” exception when I try to run a project. Also the platform selection of the SDK seems to be broken as I can add platforms but they never get displayed. I on linux64. Any ideas? Thanks.

The git master isn’t supposed to be used for anything, theres way more broken than that. How did you manage to build an SDK application anyway? :slight_smile: It probably has the path for the bundled jdk set which isn’t bundled when you just create a zip file of the SDK.

It actually worked pretty good up to now. :smile: As I found out, an older project (created under SDK 3.0 and reconfigured for 3.1) still works fine. It must be something with newer project configuration stuff…

Brilliant. Works again with the latest updates. :slight_smile: