Java on cell phones

Hey guys, in my recent work on an implementation of jsr184 (mobile 3d) I've come to discover that java games for your cell phone have come a long way!  I've posted up some shots made during recent testing on my implementation.  Have a look at my blog when you get some free time.

swallows… :-o

Great work, does it work on an NGage?


yeah, as indicated in my blog, it is for the MPowerPlayer desktop software.  The OpenGL connections are made via lwjgl.  As for the games, Asphalt is already in stores for NGage. 

That's probably the Symbian version, so that one is written in C++ not Java. Trust me, the Java/MIDP that comes with the NGage is worthless (it's the MIDP1 implementation from Series60 1.0, with only MMAPI as an extra JSR)

BTW it will be intresting to see if JSR 239 (OpenGL ES bindings for Java) will make it onto some mobiles in the not all too far future. I know some game developers are pushing for this. If it does we could do a mobile port for jME!  XD

that sounds very good…

I work now in a company making pixel art and 3d for mobile games…

Cool, can you mention which company?

quite a big one, but for now prefer not to give specific data; most surely a bit later , maybe some months :wink:

Maybe will be able to put also the link to the games for which I made fulll artwork:)

BTW, it'd absolutely rock if certain coder friend could use jme for pc game and adapt it for mobile(he can do both), at least till some degree (you know how are mobiles to get things working…)

That for personal projects, not for my job's.