Java SDK source code in jME project

Hello fellow monkeys,

This question is more about licensing then about anything else.
There is something that I need in order to complete my bitmap font job.
I need to use the following classes from Oracle’s SDK in my code:


I wrote a nice Map<K,V> that contains several other Map<K,V> inside itself.
What I need to finish this new collection is exactly the source code from the JDK.
It’s about 120 Lines Of Code, and I doubt that I may simply copy this. May I?

The problem is, that the makers of Java simply made this stuff private, so nobody can use it.

Any helpful comments appreciated.

No you can’t.

Ah, okay.
I found another way to live with it (and not use their code).
Their code makes operations on the collection safer.
I just sh** on safety and point the user to a warning in my documentation.
So, if used correctly, it will work as good as with Oracles code.
And if someone makes crazy stuff with it, than they will end up with problems.
Not the ultimate solution, but a valid one.