Java Store

I recently came across something that would probably interest a lot of jME developers.

Java Store1, Java Store2

The Java Store is a JavaFX-powered storefront that provides an easy and secure means of discovering and acquiring compelling Java and JavaFX applications. Social networking, games, productivity tools and business applications are examples of what you can download from the Java Store. This easy-to-use storefront is free, and is available for U.S. residents, as part of the Java Store Beta Program.

Looks very cool, could provide for some interesting possibilities for commercial releases.

Can someone in US can take a screenshot? It is at the moment US-only

Sry for doubleposting, but I'm still interested to have a look how the java store looks like.

Would be really nice if some of you us-guys could take some snapshots!! PLLLLZ :smiley:

Video capture and more info at,20508.0.html

the video:

and another video:


"People from these countries are now allowed to submit (for now, only free) apps to the warehouse:

Australia Brazil China    India Russia Sweden United Kingdom" - Trembovetski at JGO

More info:


The real nice thing about this is, it'll make distribution a breeze (which usually seems to have been a problem with java…although webstart has been the next best thing).