Java tech as virus delivery system

last night I had a hell of a time getting rid of a virus that had been downloaded in/as a jar, while my brother was onthe net, I assume it was design to be recognised as an applet or something, the the antivirus was powerless to remove it, it took me damn near two hours to realise it was hooked into java via iexplorer which was running hidden, needless to say I got rid of it.

so my question is have anybody encountered this are there thing that can be done to avoid it. not aquestion for you guys perhaps but hey!!!

interesting… but what was it doing?? If it was doing anything to your system, it would have either needed to be digitally signed by a real signer which would be pretty risky for a virus writer, or it would have popped up and asked for permission to run…

don’t know, the av picked it up but couldn’t get rid of it was in the jre cach though may have need as restart to execute though, deleted manually after shuting down iexplorer from the task manager.

may need to take a close look at the registry though, I don’t consider mself to be technically savvy, so I’m not sure what I,m looking for, but I do know where to look.

hey, I just read about a security issue in Java WebStart that allows unsigned apps to circumvent javas security measures! The article says (sorry printed only) that in J2SE 1.4.2_07 and in 1.5 Update 2 the bug was fixed…

6 hours of dial up then

I’ve always thought java viruses could be especially good at getting around firewall software. My norton firewall doesn’t know the difference between one java application and the next, so every java application gets through because I’ve let 1 through.

…which, btw., is no worse than your Internet Explorer executing Browser Helper Objects which function as viruses or your svchost service manager executing a trojan service, so it is a common problem.

I run both xp and 2000, on xp I use the built in firewall and zone alarm for 2000 java had full permission on both because I was naive I since reverted to a request system, that should provide some added protection

also considering shutting down xp firewall and using ZAP on xp as well