Java Webstart Template

Would anyone be willing to post the code they use in their

JNLP file for a jME java webstart program?

I wanted to put together a little demo of what I’ve been working on but in all honesty I’m too lazy to figure out how to make a webstart file from scratch


JNPL file from the first jme demo on the website…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jnlp spec="1.0+"
    <title>jME Test [renderer.TestBoxColor]</title>
    <vendor>Mojo Monkey Coding</vendor>
    <homepage href=""/>
    <icon href="jme_logo.jpg"/>
    <description>jME JNLP Test - renderer.TestBoxColor</description>
    <description kind="short">jME Technology Preview</description>

    <j2se version="1.4+"/>
    <jar href="jmetest.jar" main="true"/>
    <jar href="jmetest-data.jar"/>
    <extension name="jme" href="" />

  <property key="java.library.path" value="." />
  <application-desc main-class="jmetest.renderer.TestBoxColor"/>


Thanks Chman :slight_smile:

How do I get the dll files included when using webstart?

I put lwjgl.dll in my lwjgl.jar file and I put odejava.dll in my jmePhysics.jar file.

What needs to be set so that webstart can find them?


Here’s my guess.

Put the dll in a jar by itself. Then use the nativelib tag to include it.

Let me give this a shot. heh.

This is how it works :wink:

Simply put all the native lib in the same jar…

well it works on my home compute and my laptop but not on my friends laptop. It gives the error that lwjgl is not in the java.library.path.

My guess is on my computer it using my system settings since I have the path set there to a copy of the dll on my computer.

How do I get those dll’s included?

I put them into their own signed jars and included themse using the <nativelib> tag.

Do I need to set anything else?

Thanks for the help!

okay seems to work now. I cleared out all the old programs in his java webstart manager. Some of them were old version of the game we were testing using a local jnlp. Must have got confused with one of those or something.