Javadoc frenzy

In where I can, I’ve added some javadoc comments. Trying to document everything protected/public. While looking through for places to add documentation, I’ve noticed a few functions that were public when they should really be private and such. There are also some functions with deceiving names. For example, CollisionResults has “addNode(Geometry geo)” when it should be “addGeometry(Geometry geo)” and InputHandler has ArrayList actions and ArrayList mouseActions, when it should be ArrayList keyActions ArrayList mouseActions. The jME CVS compiles correctly, but if you notice a function missing when you try to compile your code look to see if it was renamed.

I’m trying to make jME more accessible. Any non-documentation changes I’ll post here so you can have a quick refrence.


InputHandler.actions became InputHandler.keyActions;

MouseButtonStateType constructor is private instead of public (I assume all JmeType will be replaced by enum in java 1.5 though??)

CollisionResults.*node is now CollisionResults.*geometry

PickResults.*node is now PickResults.*geometry

FastMath is final with a private constructor. So is TextureManager.

Most the intersection classes have private constructors.

Ok, I’ve given everything javadoc in the API that I can. The jME API is almost COMPLETELY javadoc’d weeeeeee. All the important parts have documentation at least, the ones that aren’t documented are more utility type things with a few exceptions. The following are parts of jME that are missing javadoc documentation. Other than these, everything else should have javadoc.

}:slight_smile: DONE: com.jme.effects.* (doesn’t look like too much left. It’s got most its documentation)

:’( com.jme.scene.lod.* (doesn’t look like much here either)

:’( com.jme.scene.state.AttributeState (pretty important to have documentation)

}:slight_smile: DONE: Thanks eric! com.jme.scene.state.VertexProgramState (pretty important as well)

:’( com.jme.sound.* (missing any documentation at all. I have no clue how to use this)

:’( com.jme.terrain.* (It’s got most of its documentation, just missing some in the util part)

:’( com.jme.ui.* (this is new… no documentation as of yet)

:’( com.jme.widget.* (very huge package missing lots of documentation)

The render states and sound are the most important to document if anyone would volunteer to knock them out. It shouldn’t take too long for someone that knows what they are doing. I assume UI is replacing widget? If not, who knows widget enough to document it?

Just protected and public need to be documented. It’s not to far to go until jME can claim everything in it’s API is documented.

I’ve updated the comments for com.jme.scene.state.VertexProgramState and its lwjgl implementation. Everything that’s public/protected now has an appropriate Javadoc comment.

As for the AttributeState, I thought that we were perhaps going to remove it? Or perhaps rethink its implementation? I can’t recall the thread.

Take com.jme.effects.* off that list. It’s documented except for water, which is unfinished code anyways (???)