Javadoc Question?

When was the last time the javadocs linked to from got updated. Are they still jME 1.0 docs cause they look a bite old.

I think that the jME version should be added as a comment to each and every class to show the last version where the file was updated in. Similar to the way the jdk marks file revisions within their documentation.

… yes… its an issue.

How, could I go about making sure those are updated soon? Or is this something that requires a new process to be put in place?

MorbidMorvick said:

How, could I go about making sure those are updated soon? Or is this something that requires a new process to be put in place?

More like a new process is needed.

1. We have 1 very busy person (I think) who is in charge of updating the webpage, and thus ultimately the javadocs

2. jME 1.0 is being introduced to people as obsolete and jME 2.0 has not even gone RC1 yet. This means that jME 1 docs are not updated any more  and jMe 2 docs are also not updated YET.

3. Hopefully 'soon' we will have a more automatic process of builds (also nightly) and perhaps in connection with that javadoc generation can also be automated... I don't know for sure, I haven't personally ever done this.

Generally people agree that all this is a problem. My personal opinion is that current jMe 2.0 javadocs should be put up, irregardless of the version state. Better than those old pages. But it would already be a huge improvement if jMe 1.0 latest docs were put online.

However as everyone is busy with his own stuff and this is a community project, this is also where you can step in :) Please feel free to generate latest javadocs, zip them up and post them somewhere. Post a link here on the forum. I am certain that the webmaster will pick it up and deploy on the server.  ;)

Thanks for the quick response Mindgamer,

If all it takes is someone willing to create javadocs, zip it, and post it on the forums then I'll do that asap. Hope this will help those who use the sites javadocs when developing as I have numerous times in the past.

Ok, I exported the javadocs for jME 2.0 from trunk, however I had to remove com.jmex.model.collada.schema since it made the zip file entirely too large for me to upload and I don’t expect that it would be needed. I also removed all the jmetest packages as those really shouldn’t be a part of the javadoc.

There may be some other packages that don’t need to be there so if someone could let me know which packages shouldn’t be included I’ll rebuild the javadocs.

Here’s the link:

Hope this is helpful.

great, i hope this will be picked up

So who exactly is the person to contact to update the website?

Usually Mojo monkey

Ok I sent him a PM with the link, dunno if he will get to it though or if it's ok that I asked him since I'm not too known around these forums.