As i have read in a (german) article, there is now a portal

The Subversion feature is cool, but I personally find it frustrating dealing with all these code repositories.  I have a few projects on and I think it's actually a pretty poor architecture.  You can't find out how many times your files have been downloaded, you can't see how many hits your project has received, if someone applies for a role on your project all you get to see if the nickname of the person applying and that's supposedly enough information to determine their validity on the project, and many other issues.  My point in this rant is that there is a whole lot more on SourceForge than it is generally given credit for.  It looks like JavaForge (at least at this point) is severely lacking in features as well.  Sorry if this seems somewhat pointed I just happened to hit this message after I had spent a while dealing with the headaches of