JavaFX Autofocus

So quick question for those people using JavaFX in their jme apps.
How can I get the javafx autofocus to work. For example, on my login window the username field
shows that it is in focus, but I cannot type until I click on it.


I believe that’s an issue with the jME integration - there are a few such (minor) issues (like setting the cursor not working). My guess is that the jME integration isn’t sending the key events to JavaFX because it’s not aware that a JavaFX element is in focus.

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@jayfella I know you are extremely busy being an awesome member of our community and doing like a million things for us, but if you have some free time could you take a look at this?

Yep. Could you create an issue in the repository? It just stops the issue being pushed down the thread list and forgotten about.


Will do, thank you!