JavaGameNetworking Wiki and Forum

Hey guys, I’ve been sort of using this forum as one of the main places to discuss implementation and developments in the JGN and PhysicsNetworking projects, and though it has been extremely well received here I think it’s gaining enough momentum to set up my own in order to keep the message clutter away from those that don’t really care about these projects.  To that end I have set up a Wiki and Forum explicitly for JGN:

This is not intended to keep anyone that has a relevent question from posting here if they so desire, but rather to provide a more logical place for deeper discussion about the topic of networking and these APIs to be better handled.

I welcome any constructive criticism. There’s not much there yet, but I’m relying on you guys to help me out with that. :-p


darkfrog, I;ve tried a couple times to get in to your site,but it;s down, both the wiki and the forum.

Hmmm, well it's working fine for me from work and at home so could it be that you have a firewall preventing access to port 88?  I'm using a non-standard http port.

Anyone else having problems?

For now feel free to just post your messages here until we get this figured out…sorry for the hassle.


Yup, that's it. Works fine from home, not work.

I'll hopefully be switching the port over to 80 pretty soon, but that requires moving a lot of stuff off my windows server that currently resides there to my SuSE server…too many programming things to do to waste precious time with administration. :wink:


Dark, is this down or am I just having port troubles as well? I was interested in looking at your API.


Sorry about that, I thought I had posted an update on the location.

The new URL for the forum is:

You can download the API from:

Or you can check out the most recent source from the Subversion repository at:

Hope that’s enough info for ya. :wink:


Thank you, sir. I can not check it out at this moment, but I assuredly will asap, thanks for the information, I am very curious to look at this.

After looking at your Wiki, I was wondering what the game you were developing was.

What game is that?


I found the todo list yesterday but can not fined it today.

Edit: The one you deleted this morning.

How strange…things keep seeming to disapear.  :roll:


darkfrog said:

How strange...things keep seeming to disapear.  :roll:


So what is the game?

You Roll-A-Rama?

You can see it here:

If you mean something else you’re gonna have to give me more to go on. :-p


The page I was reading suggested that the game did not have a name but you were considering "Galaxies Beyond".

Well that link you gave me doesn't even work…


It looks like someone (darkfrog) is trying to cover up the program by deleting all references to it.

I suddenly have no idea what this thread is about, my memory just went blank.  :smiley:

It's about freakin' time. :-p

So anyway, have you checked out JGN?


I am considering writing a game with it.

(based in space; thats why I was asking about something I cant remember, I wanted to see if some one beet me two it)  :smiley:

You have no evidence from me to contradict you being the first…so keep up the good work. :wink: