JavaMonkey SDK Error

Hello everyone,
I hate to have my first post on this site be a dumb question, but I cannot get my jmonkey engine to install correctly. That is, it’s installed but I receive an error upon opening it. (something about not being able to locate the netbeans JDK). I have done research on the error and found that I either need to download a 64bit version of jmonkeyengine, or else update the home path in the file system to point to my JDK. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to do either of these things. I have Eclipse and jmonkey both downloaded. I can’t find a separate download for a 64bit jmonkey engine to try that method. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both of them. The path to my eclipse is C:\Program Files\Eclipse\eclipse. I realize this is probably very simple, I feel like an imbecile. I need to get this working for an assignment that I must start soon, and am having exactly the same problem on both of my laptops.

Thanks for your help.

I figured out the problem myself and it was a dumb question just as I thought. As most of you may have noticed, I apparently don’t know what a JDK is, and thought eclipse filled that role.

I am putting the solution just in case anyone else encounters this:

Had to download the Java JDK from then reinstall jmonkeyengine. Works like a charm.