JavaWS problem in Linux

Hi monkeys,

It has been a waaaaay too long time since I commented on the forums... But fear not, I have never been too far away! I am excited to see jME3 growing so much :)

Anyway, I have tried a couple of times to launch the demos from random computers, and I have found errors in many of them, so perhaps it would be worth having a look?

I get the error:

[java]net.sourceforge.jnlp.LaunchException: Fatal: Read Error: Could not read or parse the JNLP file.
at net.sourceforge.jnlp.Launcher.fromUrl(
at net.sourceforge.jnlp.Launcher.launch(
at Method)
at net.sourceforge.jnlp.runtime.Boot.main(
Caused by: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:
at net.sourceforge.jnlp.JNLPFile.openURL(
at net.sourceforge.jnlp.JNLPFile.(
at net.sourceforge.jnlp.JNLPFile.(
at net.sourceforge.jnlp.JNLPFile.(
at net.sourceforge.jnlp.JNLPFile.(
at net.sourceforge.jnlp.Launcher.fromUrl(
… 5 more

when trying to launch in my Linux box… more info:

[java]~> java -version
java version “1.7.0_17”
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea7 2.3.8) (suse-3.33.1-x86_64)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.7-b01, mixed mode)[/java]

Cheers and keep up the great work!


Well yes i guess many of the webstarts are somewhat half functional/dead by now as noone is activly maintaining them and testing them.

Just use the local examples, they work for the moment.

Yeap, the webstart stuff is quite poorly maintained. Webstarts and applets aren’t exactly getting good press these days, so I don’t know if there’s really a point in keeping them up at all.

Real fun seeing you again duenez :smiley: