Jayfella's projects in the store link to invalid Github projects

During his time here, Jayfella made many useful contributions that he shared with us at the software store. After he decided to leave and delete all of his GitHub repos, many of us who used his projects were screwed. Currently, at the store, all of his projects now link to missing GitHub pages and this is obviously a problem. I’m curious to know what will be done concerning this issue. Perhaps a temporary fix would be to change the links so that they at least go to a fork? Also, if he deleted the JARs from Bintray, these will need to be hosted again.

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So far, his Bintray JARs seem to be unaffected.

And it should be possible for someone with admin permissions to update the repo links on his store pages.


This should contain all the mirrors : jME (Archive) · GitHub
I am quite busy for now, so i might not be able to fix the links in the store atm.
However if someone wants to help, i can give the permissions, also i think it would be better to recreate the pages and delete the old ones.
The store has an option for forks/derivates right? I think that one should be used.