Jbullet-jme methods


This is probably a newbie question.  I have been playing with the code for TestPhysicsCar.  However, how do I make the vehicle move automatically?  So, instead of having to press the buttons u,h or k, how do I make it move by itself?

I tried to use

physicsCar.setLocalTranslation(new Vector3f(5,0,0));

However, that only changes the initial drop point.  Is there an update() method that I need to create?


Hi Normen,

Thanks for the quick reply.  I have managed to get the bike moving, but I notice that the accelerate(3) and so on keeps it moving.  I presume that if I use getLocalTranslation() to get the current position, I can then at certain coordinates within PhysicsSpace get the vehicle to change direction.  Or is there a better method to use?

I am using JME2 at the moment, as I only have access to a < OpenGL 2 graphics card.

Thanks again.

Yes, you could do that.

Well, just do that whats done when the keys are pressed. car.accelerate(10) , car.steer(FastMath.QUARTER_PI) etc…?