JBullet source

Hey does anyone here has a copy from the jbullet source(and the used libs maybe)? cause the official site is down and I need to look something up.

You might PM Falken, he's the most likely to have it off the top of my head http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=2249

I actually don’t.  The official site seems to be working now, though I admit it’s pretty spotty.  And I’m not fond of the Monotone version control system.  When I switched computers, it was easier to just decompile most of the stuff I was looking at.  Of course, by then, it was all pretty much figured out.  That and it never did me any good to have the source anyway, as it NEVER matched up with the binaries, and I couldn’t get the damn thing to compile anyway . . . all the annoying ‘Stack’ instrumentation he put in.  It works, and it’s part of what makes the library fast and efficient, but I gave up trying to compile it.

My solution was to decompile the jar.  It’s a bit annoying to read with the Stack instrumentation in there, but not impossible, and I’ve pretty much learned how to filter it out pretty quick.  I highly recommend JD-GUI for decompiling.  (Jad is not really such a great option any more) 

Kind of a related project JD-Eclipse is a BIT less stable, but the latest version works REALLY well at integrating the decompiler with Eclipse.  With as much running around in other ppls code as I do on a daily basis, I don’t know where I’d be without those tools.

If you need, I’m sure I can track down the code, but just in case you still can’t hit the site, here’s the cut and paste from the ‘source download’ section.

JBullet is developed using Monotone version control system. If you want to download the latest developer version and tightly track development, you have to install Monotone and then do the following commands:

mtn --db jbullet.mtn db init
mtn --db jbullet.mtn pull jbullet.mtn.advel.cz "cz.advel.jbullet*"
mtn --db jbullet.mtn --branch cz.advel.jbullet checkout jbullet
Then for subsequent updating:

cd jbullet
mtn pull
mtn update

It's an annoying version control system, not nearly as intuitive as Subversion, but it really is superior in some ways.  Way worse in others.  Luckily, you just have to follow the steps to get the code.

I hope that helps.  Let me know if you have problems.


I have a project set up in my IDE that uses the current monotone version of JBullet and compiles it without problems.

Falken, shall I maybe send you the binaries so you can import them to the jmephysics2-jbullet branch? The included version is Java 1.6 only, so I cannot use it, thats why I compiled jbullet myself. And yes, the stack-alloc stuff was a PITA…

Yeah, I'm still in the process of understanding the stack aloc library completly, since i want to use it in my project as well, but first I will try to convert the dynamicworld broadphase, cause we currently only have two for mostly static worlds, and one thats inefficient by definition.

So if anyone here knows how to use it in eclipse it would really help.

Well, the monotone version includes a netbeans project, maybe you can import that to eclipse. I can build the whole thing using ANT from the command line with the included build.xml. I dont know if you can set up an eclipse project from source+ant file?


Yes, please send me the binaries you built and I'll put them in.  Didn't realize the ones in there were 1.6 only.