Jbullet-sources.jar matching github one?

I am looking for jbullet-sources.jar
that match jbullet.jar found here: jmonkeyengine/lib at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub
so in debug I can see what is happening without mismatching lines.

Anyone knows where that can be found?

Alternatively, I am thinking on downloading jbullet.jar and its sources from here http://jbullet.advel.cz/, but it is from 2010, is that right? Can be from another place too. I found some jbullet forks on github, but some of them removes features… well… I prefer not have surprises :slight_smile:

EDIT: I do not want to debug as it is really required to debug it, but to understand how things work.

EDIT: I did not find yet what jbullet version is the one of that jar, so I can get sources that matches it exactly.

PS.: The forum matched only one similar topic that didnt help, I know there are more topics about it, but some that I followed in the past didnt provide an answer.

EDIT: here some links, the answers point to broken links
Source code for jbullet.jar?
this one points to a fork that removes features
JBullet source code - #21 by david_bernard_31