Jbullet TerrainPage Physics

Anyone know where the Terrain Collision Shape class is that was submitted via this thread?


It sounds like it should be in the current jbullet-jme builds, but I cannot find it in the SVN repository and need to add a physics to a TerrainPage.

Thank you

Edit: Also, is it common or a known issue that PhysicsCharacterNodes walk through terrain?  With a low walkDirection of say .5f, it seems fine… but if you go even as high as 1f, the Node will come to a slope, halt a bit, but shortly after will make it's way through the terrain.

I don't know if this was ever commited, I would be interested what became of this as well.  :wink:

Terrain collision shape is built into the jbullet version available at http://jbullet-jme.googlecode.com/branches/jbullet, which is also used for jme3 bullet and jbullet-jme. However theres no wrapper class for jme yet.