This game is using jME 2, i guess.

Home page :


Video : they are a little old but, blog is being updated regularly.





No i think it’s using Ardor3d

They were using jME2, then they switched to ardor3d because he thought it would be too hard porting to jME3 and some importer wasn’t available…

And other case where a project switch to Ardor3d instead of JMonkey.


Do you know if there is a performance difference?

Performance is not different, its both OpenGL… Some use Ardor it because it is basically just jME2.5 and they don’t have to change so much in their old code / learn new stuff. Its still got the messy RenderState system etc. so its easier to move your jME2 app there. If you ever coded in jME2 and then used jME3 you will probably not want to go back there though :wink: Then there are some people that have aversions against jME3 or just go wherever they get pom (maven addicts) ^^

But the last update of Ardor3D was in November 2010 and their forum is not very active. jME3 in contrast sees updates and additions all the time… I dont exactly know what this guy means by “cleaner code”, I found the static classes in jME2 and Ardor3D always very suspicious, how am I supposed to start two applications in one jvm? Also the added ReadOnly math primitives might avoid some pitfalls but I don’t exactly find that very “clean” either :wink:

Sounds like I am bashing Ardor3D but I am just expressing my opinion here…



The only thing that seems valid is the terrain part. But they are also saying, for terrain Ardor requires SM 2.0

Thanks normen u clarify the situation.

So Ardor is a kind of modified JMe2 i read that Ardor is created to fill the negatives points of JMe2 in the construction itselft.

But i see the example and it’s really “awful” compared to JMe3 (<3). Even if the minimum requirements to run Ardor is less memory-consuming than JMe(And Pixel Shader 2.0 is not required to run Ardor), JMe have an active and friendly community beside the engine is always updated. So I will continue to use JMonkey :).

iamcreasy It is true that JME would need a terrain System like Ardor3d. However, this will change Sploreg said that the terrain will support 16 textures and it’s not finish yet.

For some people Ardor3D works better. If you can’t deal with the OpenGL2 requirement or you need maven for example.

In many projects those are hard requirements so people will simply have no choice but to use Ardor3D.

are their Android Version is stable?

From what they say, yeah. Tho the jme3 android renderer seems to work fine for most people that know how to use it too :wink: Somebody just has to gather the info on how to create an apk via command line then I can add Android deployment to jMP, but none of the android devs seem to be capable of doing that :confused: Guess I have to do it myself some time soon xD

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Still, you guys should really set up a maven repository for jme3.

It’s ridiculously easy to do and a huge help to anyone used to working with maven.