JCreator help


I was wondering if anyone had any guides to getting JME setup and tested with JCreator without going through CVS (just downloading the jar and dll files)?  I'm writing a small game in Java and the engine here looks perfect for building the interface with.

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unfortunately i have no experience with JCreator. the usual suggetion is using Eclipse or Netbeans instead (which we have setup guides for)… perhaps someone else can fill in on JCreator usage?

Once you have the jars you can simply make a library for them and include it in your project… You still need to setup java's native library path though, but that can be done in VM arguments.

Thanks for the responses.  I was tempted to just use eclipse or netbeans but I'm just more comfortable using JCreator as I've been using it for years now and would prefer not having to install and learn another compiler.

For the Jars do I just add them to the projects class path?  How would I use VM arguments to setup javas native library path (and is that for the dll files)?

The current zip files with jar and dll files I have downloaded so far are: jme.zip, jmetest.zip and lwjgl-1.1.3.zip.  Are there any I am missing?

If you get some spare time I suggest you try out eclipse. I did and have never looked back since :slight_smile:

Look at one of the tutorials on the wiki, for either netbeans or eclipse, and try to replicate what they ask you in JCreator. Last time I used it, JCreator was really similar to those IDEs.

You have most of the lwjgl jars but you're missing the main jar (lwjgl.jar)

send -Djava.library.path=[path to native stuff] as argument to the jvm.