JG Games is Hiring

If you are interested in working in downtown Austin on a cool  product, there is an open position.

The text below details the position, but basically it's a server side Java position working with a bunch of great guys on an great product.

The company: www.johngaltgames.com

The product: www.webwars.com

if you are interested send along your resume to: Java_web_app_dev@johngaltgames.com

Additionally, if you are a flash/flex developer or know someone who is we are looking for them as well (job info can be found on the company site).

We are not using Java on the client side, ATM. But jME could be used in the future.

Java Web Application Developer

Position Summary and Company Philosophy

John Galt Games is hiring a Web Application Developer to work on WebWars, an innovative web based, high capacity, high concurrency game. This position will aid in the development of a high performance platform for the launching these series of games.

Our company philosophy is simple - we want to make extraordinary games that bring people together. With the explosion of social media and astonishing advances in gaming development and creativity, the gaming world is now even more explicitly part of the media universe. John Galt Games (JGG) is dedicated to creating games that acknowledge that transformation, that seek to reach players outside predictable gaming models and create new kinds of gaming communities.

We think great games should be easy to learn, but difficult to master, and should provide a memorable experience for both new and experienced gamers.


The position will require the contribution to both the design and implementation of a complete gaming platform. The candidate needs to be comfortable with an iterative development environment and unit test driven programming.


The ideal candidate must have demonstrated the following proficiencies with high volume, commercial web application design, development and implementation for a period of 3-5+ years.