JM Canvas disable Swing text

Hello everybody!

I have a problem. I am doing a Swing applicationand I need to add an agent using jMonkey.

This is how i add the JM Canvas to my Swing window:

ZridiAgent agenteMolon = null;
agenteMolon = new ZridiAgent(580, 362);

And this is the init of my agent:

private void init() {
    AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);
    // settings.setRenderer(AppSettings.LWJGL_OPENGL1);

    createCanvas(); // create canvas!
    ctx = (JmeCanvasContext) getContext();



With this, I can add the agent to my JFrame in my window. In my window I have one JComboBox and a JTextArea. But when I add the agent to it panel (PanelDelAgente),all the components that uses text stop working.

In the JComboBOx, I can click and expand all the options, but I cant write in any option. Same withthe JTextArea, i cant either write or select the text. Is like the Components are not focusable, but I check it and always are focusable.

Anyone knows what is happening?