Jm3.1 : Only AABB supported for now

I just tried to compile and run an Jm3.0 app into 3.1 and got this msg on screen before app hangs up :

Only AABB supported for now

Do it means that the bullet support is not done yet ? So apps that use physics needs to wait a bit more right ?

No it doesn’t mean that. It means whatever the developer of that app you ran thought it should mean.

What do you mean ?
I wrote this entire app, there is nothing inside showing that message…
The same app runs ok on 3.0, and it uses heavily physics…
But for some reason on 3.1 it shows that messages and hangs…

Any chance you can post the full exception / log?

Sure, how can I do that ? Obs: I think the problem are on joint uses…

There is no much logs, the screen shows this information :

Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[jME3 Main,5,main]
UnsupportedOperationException: Only AABB supported for now

I tried to debug and find something but I could not find the reason yet, it creates the physics, the joints and the rigidbodys, but after some while it hangs…

This message is in JME, in the DefaultLightFilter.
Did you use a bounding sphere for a geometry somewhere?

Yes, I do yes, a lot in this game.

Well that’s gonna be a problem.
@Momoko_Fan we need to implement the light.intersectsSphere

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Thats ok, I wait until its done, the game is finished already, I just tried it out on 3.1 to see the performance improvements.
Thanks to identify it friend !

I added an issue report here: